Welcome to postings from my travel journals, full of adventures and quiet moments, far away and close to home.  Del (my husband) and I have been traveling over 25 years, and we continue to travel.  We are retired librarians from Interlochen Center for the Arts.   I also enjoy observing the natural world and will try to work that into this website.

Bulgaria intrigues us with its beautiful land, friendly people and complicated history.  For five years Weliver's Travels gathered small groups of people to do cultural tours in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey designed for us and led by Alex Palichev,  former Deputy Minister of Culture and Chief Engineer for Preserving Monuments of Culture.  These tours are no longer offered due to his other commitments .

I have stories from many countries and pictures (both Del's and mine) to share with you.  Please join me in these journeys from my journal, Weliver's Travels.